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June 2015 Archives

Who can file for divorce in New York State?

How fast or simple your divorce will be depends on many factors, including the ability of the spouses to agree on a possible settlement, the amount of marital property, whether there are kids, and so on. However, whether or not you are allowed to get a divorce in New York State is based on fairly hard and fast rules.

Man admits sending lookalike to take paternity test

Most responsible adults in Buffalo provide for their children to the best of their abilities. This includes paying child support for kids the parents do not have custody over. Unfortunately, some parents do not live up to their responsibilities. They fall behind on child support, or seek to deny a biological connection.

How to survive your divorce

The legal aspect of divorce is very important, and is best handled with the assistance of an experienced attorney. But dealing with the emotions that divorce stirs up is equally vital. Whether your divorce leaves you sad, elated, frightened or none of the above, the experience will likely change you.

Post-divorce, you may qualify for Social Security spousal benefits

As married people planning for retirement know, Social Security benefits can go both to the person who paid into the system, and that person’s spouse. But what happens if you get divorced from your breadwinning spouse? Do you give up your Social Security?

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