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May 2015 Archives

How New York State law 'splits up' an advanced degree in divorce

In New York State, marital property can mean more than the family home, joint bank accounts and other valuables commonly split up in a divorce. Those with a Ph.D. or other professional degree or license may have to “divide” it between themselves and their former spouse.

How Facebook caused 1 woman's divorce

Most people would agree that too much time on the Internet is unhealthy. Staring at the screen of your computer, tablet or phone too long can become isolating, even when you seem to be talking to people from around the world via social media sites like Facebook.

Minimizing the risk of a custody fight after assisted conception

Modern technology has opened up possibilities for numerous people in New York who want to have children, but are unable to for medical reasons. Successful procedures may involve the couple seeking a child to receive sperm, eggs or both from third parties. In other cases, a woman carries the infant to term for the parents.

No pet custody in New York divorces yet, but things might change

Perhaps it seems strange to those without pets, but many New York animal owners agree: a beloved dog or cat can feel like part of the family. When married parents get divorced, they must figure out a child custody arrangement that is in the children’s best interest, or have the judge do it. But what happens to the pets in a divorce?

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