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April 2015 Archives

Dogs Are The New Kids In NY Custody Battles

As more and more couples wait to start families or simply build lives without children, dogs are becoming a more crucial element in divorces. The emotional place that these people's dogs hold in their lives cannot be minimized. When divorce happens, some of those couples are putting the same level of fight into keeping their dogs that parents put into fighting for their children.

What can't be included in a prenuptial agreement?

Though some people still think of creating a prenuptial agreement before marriage as bad luck, many people find the document provides peace of mind, in case their early marital bliss ever fades away. A prenup can ensure that valuable assets like a small business or real estate stays with you, without having to buy out your former spouse or losing the assets entirely.

Supervised visitation protects children in New York State

New York courts presume that children should have both parents in their lives, even when the parents are divorced or otherwise not living together. This could mean shared child custody, or it could mean one of the parents gets sole custody and the other parent retains visitation rights.

Divorce by Facebook? New York judge says OK

Divorce can be a complicated process, no matter what your exact situation is. Dividing assets, determining a child custody agreement and setting alimony terms are often contentious issues that are not easily resolved. The divorce process can be much more difficult, however, if you do not know where your spouse is.

New York woman gets OK to serve husband with divorce on Facebook

As with most other court proceedings, filing for divorce requires you to serve your spouse with legal papers, so that he or she knows what is going on and gets the chance to prepare. Most of the time, this is no problem, because you know where your spouse is -- often, the two of you are still living under one roof.

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