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November 2014 Archives

Birth father loses child custody challenge to filing errors

In any New York State legal dispute, you likely will be able to bring your case to court to protect your rights or seek compensation for damages. However, most court proceedings have a particular procedure, and family court cases are no exception. For example, if you are struggling to gain custody of your child, you will have a slim chance of succeeding if you miss an important filing before the deadline.

Bode Miller, son's mother settle New York child custody dispute

Child custody matters can be complicated enough when both parents live in New York. When one of the parents lives out of state, but still wants partial custody or at least visitation time, questions of jurisdiction often enters the picture. Where should the case be handled? Which state’s child custody laws apply?

Oil tycoon ordered to pay nearly $1B to ex-wife in divorce

For wealthy couples going through divorce in Buffalo, dividing up the marital property can decide the fate of many valuable assets, including real estate, retirement accounts and investment portfolios. However, it is unlikely that anyone reading this blog would ever have to fight over a billion-dollar company, as an oil tycoon and his former wife are currently doing in Oklahoma.

Division of marital assets can be complicated

Perhaps the most complicated and, potentially, difficult part of most divorce cases in New York State is splitting up the couple’s assets. This includes the furniture and the record collection, but more importantly the couple must split up their bank accounts, real estate and similarly valuable items.

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