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October 2014 Archives

How do child custody disputes get to abduction phase?

Though all parents reading this blog surely love their children, few would consider taking their sons or daughters and fleeing the country if they ever were in a child custody dispute with the kids’ other parent. Still, parental abductions of children do happen sometimes.

Why do some New York couples prefer separation to divorce?

Last month, we discussed the legal process and requirements for becoming legally separated in New York State. Some readers may have been left wondering why a married couple would want to enter into this marital status. It must seem to many that it lacks many of the advantages of marriage, while not allowing a final break like divorce can.

Study suggests link between expensive wedding ceremony, divorce

Many Buffalo couples who are planning their weddings right now may feel the pressure to spend a lot of money. Lavish receptions and destination weddings in exotic locations are no longer uncommon. A wedding website reports that, in 2013, engaged American couples spent an average of $29,858 on their wedding day.

Helpful tips in preparing for an initial consultation

Getting divorced could be a frightening experience; especially given the unknown with how assets will be divided, how children will be cared for, and how much it will cost to address disagreements. Chances are that you will get advice from friends and family about what to expect, whether you like it or not.

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