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Parenting coordinators could minimize custody conflicts

Although every divorce has its own unique set of circumstances and complications, it is safe to say that divorces in which children are involved are often the most difficult and complex. Emotions often ride high when it comes to kids (for good reason) which can make it tough for parents to agree on child custody and related issues. Family courts must often step in to help make those decisions or, in many situations, to make them completely.

One recent trend in the area of child custody is the appointment and use of parenting coordinators in high-conflict custody cases. Although the specific role and duties of a parenting coordinator are dependent on the case and the court order, they generally help with decision-making, communication between parents and generally overcoming the wide variety of issues that come up as parents adjust to sharing custody of their kids, keeping the best interests of the children at the forefront.

Similarly, there is no single rule or circumstance that will determine whether a parenting coordinator is needed to assist a family. All that is required is that a case is “high-conflict,” and the definition of that term varies as well. But, as an example, one state defines high-conflict as custody cases that involve “excessive litigation, anger and distrust, verbal abuse, physical aggression or threats of physical aggression, difficulty communicating about and cooperating in the care of minor children,” or any other situation in which the court decides that a parenting coordinator should be appointed, according to the Huffington Post.

What do you think? If you have recently been through a divorce, do you think a parenting coordinator could have helped your custody case?

Source: The Huffington Post, “Parenting Coordinators: Helping Parents Through High-Conflict Custody Cases,” Nicole H. Sodoma and Robin Goulet, May 8, 2014

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