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Judge dismisses emergency hearing, Usher keeps custody of kids

| Aug 14, 2013 | Child Custody

Last week on our blog we discussed how R&B singer Usher was in a child custody battle with his ex-wife after one of his sons was injured in a pool accident. His ex-wife filed an emergency request for temporary custody of the couple’s two children after the accident.

Despite the ex-wife’s allegations that Usher and other caregivers cannot safely monitor their children, a judge dismissed her request for temporary custody of the children after hearing from both parties on the matter. During the hearing, the judge said that evidence did not show that the pool accident could have been prevented and by dismissing the request for temporary child custody, Usher will continue to have custody of his sons.

While Usher will continue to have primary custody of their kids, the judge told the singer to communicate with his ex-wife about who is caring for the children, especially when he is not home. The judge’s comments came after Usher’s ex-wife testified that she does not know where her children are when they are in Usher’s custody and that he never communicates with her about who will be caring for the children when he is away.

Even though the request for temporary child custody by Usher’s ex-wife was dismissed, she can still seek a hearing to determine child custody orders in the future. There are many different factors that are considered during child custody hearings and parents who feel like their children are in danger and their safety may be at risk should not hesitate to contact a family law attorney to see what options are available for gaining custody of their children.

Source: Huffington Post, “Usher Keeps Custody Of His Two Young Sons After Ex-Wife Files Emergency Request,” Kate Brumback, Aug. 10, 2013