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Critical steps to take after a divorce

There are many suggested steps to take after a divorce to ensure your new life goes smoothly. These steps include changing a last name back to a maiden name (optional), opening new bank accounts or finding a new place to live. Other items include reviewing various accounts to ensure who the beneficiaries are and ensuring that they are updated. Those accounts include:

  • IRAs and other retirement accounts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Bank accounts

Failing to change the beneficiary designation on these types of assets can lead to confusion in the distribution of the asset and could lead to expensive litigation in the event of death.

Back to school season: Tips for recently divorced parents

Summer tends to be a popular time for divorce. One study conducted by the University of Washington found that in addition to March, August has one of the highest divorce rates in the country compared to the rest of the year.

Couples who finalize their divorce before the beginning of the new school year, can find it difficult and stressful to figure out a good co-parenting schedule for their children. Regardless of the language contained in their child custody and access schedules, there are numerous things parents can do ahead of time to make the back-to-school season go more smoothly. For example, parents could:

Do divorce rates spike in the summer?

A divorce can occur anytime throughout the year. However, there are actually seasonal changes that provoke an increase in the divorce rate. There are several explanations for this, but the fact remains that couples on the edge of divorce are more likely to follow through during certain months of the year.

With summer in full swing, if you and your spouse are considering divorce, you may find that the summer actually exacerbates the possibility of moving forward with this decision. Discover more about this seasonal phenomenon and different factors that come into play.

When you divorce, will you have to pay "manimony"?

The recent release of the documentary film RBG in New York and across the nation has called new attention to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If you are one of the thousands of people who flocked to see this documentary, you noticed the huge differences between life in the 1950s when she began law school and life today for female law students.

One of the biggest differences and changes is in the area of family law and the changes with the traditional American family. In the past mothers practically automatically received custody of their children in a divorce proceeding. Today the emphasis is on joint custody being awarded to both parents and there is no longer the "tender years" doctrine where mothers had priority over fathers. Likewise, alimony is now called spousal support because courts award it to both men and women. Did you know that spousal support goes by the nickname of manimony when the woman makes these monthly support payments to the man?

3 factors to consider in late-life divorce

It is now more typical for divorce to occur later in life when partners are in their 50s or 60s. Usually these are long-term marriages of 20 years or more. When these marriages end they are known as a "gray divorce". These late-life divorces bring special challenges that couples must consider.

It is important to focus on particular factors when divorcing at this stage in your life. If you are contemplating a so-called gray divorce, a qualified divorce attorney can help you navigate these challenging waters. Here are a few basics to get you started:

3 myths about spousal maintenance that are wrong!

Spousal maintenance, or alimony as many people call it, is often a contentious issue in New York divorces. It is simply the financial support paid to an ex-spouse after a divorce. This topic is complicated further because of the many misconceptions surrounding it.

Clearing up some of the common maintenance/alimony myths can help you get a better picture of what to expect. You should consult a seasoned attorney for personalized advice applicable to your situation because calculations tend to be heavily fact-specific.

Debunking 3 child custody myths

The biggest divorce story out of New York right now involves Vanessa Trump filing for divorce against Donald Trump, Jr. The couple, after 12 years of marriage and five children, has officially decided to call it quits.

This case, as with other divorcing couples, will involve determining child custody, visitation and access schedules. Many divorcing spouses make mistakes during this process based on wide-spread myths involving child custody that are not true. This can be avoided with the aid of a divorce and matrimonial family law attorney.

How to avoid making the same mistakes as divorcing celebrities

Celebrities appear to live glamorous lifestyles full of riches, fame and luxury. When it comes to divorce, these riches and fame can make things more complicated and lead to additional hostilities. Divorce can be a stressful, emotional event for people from all walks of life. People with money are not immune from making poor choices during challenging times.

Most of us aren't celebrities but can learn from the common mistakes made by divorcing celebrities. No matter your circumstances, every divorcing or separating couple would be wise to avoid these pitfalls so their divorce or separation goes smoothly. 

Ways that social media can impact divorce and family law matters

Researchers are now studying the effect social media has on our lives, including romantic partnerships. Researchers from Northcentral University suggest that social media can distract married couples and prevent spouses from adequately nurturing their interpersonal relationship. Social media can also contribute to couples being envious of other couples because they compare their relationship to what they see other people claiming they are doing online.

While social media can have a negative impact on marriage, it can have an equally destructive impact during divorce, child custody and visitation proceedings. In fact, it's been suggested that people going through divorce proceedings would be better off logging off social media until the dust has settled. Ultimately, posting on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other sites is likely to cause more harm than good.

Debunking 3 myths about prenups

New York State as of October 2017 has one of the lowest divorce rates in the United States. Approximately 12.9 married people out of every 1,000 divorced in 2016, giving NYS the fourth lowest divorce rate in the country. New York's neighbor, New Jersey, has the third lowest rate.

Despite these statistics, every couple should consider getting a prenuptial agreement before actually saying, "I do." Unfortunately, many couples forgo this important document. This can be extremely detrimental and costly in the event of divorce. While future spouses may not want to talk about the possibility of divorce, it is crucial to have this document completed before the actual wedding. In the event of a divorce it will be the document the court can look to for settlement.

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