Some of our readers have likely attended public expos for industries like home remodeling, boating, hunting and weddings. But have you heard of a divorce expo?

With all of the different types of professionals that now specialize in divorce, it should not be a big surprise that an association called the Divorce Professionals has sprung up in a state not far from New York. The group was scheduled to hold its second annual Spring Expo on May 19.

The Divorce Professionals include a real estate broker, mortgage officer, therapist, financial adviser, family therapist, life coach, private investigator, insurance agent, nutritionist and professional matchmaker. All of them can provide potentially useful services for those considering divorce or in the midst of one, though they cannot replace the advice and vigorous advocacy of an experienced family law attorney.

The group’s real estate agent said he helped found the Divorce Professionals after going through a divorce of his own a few years ago. He said the group provides the convenience of getting in touch with the various service providers with one phone call.

Last year, about 50 people attended the Spring Expo. An article about this year’s event does not mention how big of a crowd the Divorce Professionals were expecting. Besides members, businesses like spas, cosmetic surgeons and makeover specialists have been invited to set up booths.

Planning for a divorce can be complicated, depending on how much there is in marital assets and debts, and whether there are children involved. An attorney can help set out the steps you need to take to end up with a successful property division and child custody plan.