Protecting Your Financial Interests In Divorce

Protecting Your Children In the Divorce Process

  • No Choice for Children: In this article, Buffalo divorce lawyer Catharine Venzon discusses the importance of a court-appointed Attorney for the Child in New York law, the need to consider the child’s wishes when advocating for the child and the importance of adequate qualifications for anyone taking up this role.
  • A Primer on New York Parenting Plans: Learn the basics about creating a parenting plan in New York.
  • How to Tell Your Children You’re Getting a Divorce: It is important to plan your conversations carefully with your children regarding an upcoming divorce.

Divorce And Immigration Law

  • U.S. Sponsors of Foreign Nationals Beware: If you sign form I-864 as a U.S. citizen sponsor on behalf of an immigrant, you are agreeing to provide any financial support they might need. The law allows for a lawsuit if you fail to provide this support, and the requirement for support does not end with divorce or separation.
  • Your Passport: A Privilege for Those Who Pay Child Support: Parents who fail to pay child support could lose their passports according to New York law.
  • Aliens and Divorce — Overcoming Marriage Fraud: There are strict laws in place to protect against marriage fraud: people coming into the country on a marriage visa without a bona fide marriage.
  • Matrimonial Jurisdiction for Aliens: Formerly, aliens had difficulty bringing matrimonial actions in New York courts because they did not satisfy the “residence” requirement. The law has changed, so now aliens can file for divorce and exercise their rights in New York courts.
  • Divorce Does Not Equal Deportation: Matrimonial lawyers must know how to blend family law and immigration law when representing foreign nationals in divorce proceedings.

Domestic Violence

The Divorce, Pre-Divorce and Post-Divorce Processes