Sadly, one of the most common reasons for divorce is an affair. But, unfortunately, no two situations are the same when it comes to affairs. In fact, there are five different types of affairs:


A romantic affair is often called an “affair of the heart.” This type of affair often does the most damage to the spouse who is not having an affair.


This type of affair is often referred to as a “fling.” It is mainly a physical and sexual affair with no emotional feelings behind it.


Not all affairs involve physical intimacy. However, this affair can often become physical once strong feelings develop. Although just because this affair is not physical does not mean it is okay. They can cause just as much damage to a marriage.


Cyber affairs are becoming increasingly familiar with the increased use of social media and the internet. Cyber affairs can occur with someone from real life or a stranger. Although these affairs never happen in person, they can cause a great deal of emotional strain on a relationship.


Sometimes people are married but have an agreement with their spouse that they can see other people in both a sexual and nonsexual way. Common examples of this are an open marriage, swinging, or polyamory. Although this type of “affair” is less common than the others, it still happens. This type of affair only works if both parties agree to and obey a particular set of rules. If one person breaks them, the affair is no longer “sanctioned” and can ruin a marriage.

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