The weather has warmed up and the kids are done with school. It’s officially summer! When you have children, your daily routine gets upended during the summer months. It can get complicated planning a summer vacation, but it can become especially difficult if you are recently divorced and have to worry about your child custody agreement on top of everything else.

Your summer vacation is supposed to be fun and not full of fights with your ex about custody. Keep reading for some tips to deal with these problems head on so you don’t have to worry about them down the road.

1. Create a schedule and stick to it

The best way to start is by meeting with your ex to discuss and plan your vacation schedules. This way, you can both voice your desires, respond to concerns and decide on a plan that’s workable for everyone. Setting up a vacation schedule in advance will help you avoid problems and disagreements. Once you decide on a schedule, make sure you stick to it.

2. Communicate openly

If your trip is going to differ from your previously agreed upon schedule, make sure you discuss this with the other parent as soon as possible. Do not just leave with the kids. If you do not inform the other parent of the details of the trip, be ready for arguments and potential legal action. Healthy communication can reduce this hostility.

3. Encourage kids to talk with the other parent

No matter how rocky your relationship is with your ex, your kids need a healthy connection with their parent. Even outside of the context of summer vacation, you should always strive to encourage your kids to have a strong relationship with the other parent. Let your kids call or video chat their parent while on vacation with you.

Planning a vacation after divorce may seem daunting, but it can be accomplished. If you would like further guidance, an experienced child custody lawyer can help.