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Child Custody Archives

Child custody and co-parenting concerns in New York State

You and your spouse have decided it's time to file for divorce. Your main concern now is your children. You are relieved they won't have to see you and your spouse fighting any longer, but you worry about their adjustment to a new living situation and your parenting options.

How to Make Visitation Schedules Work Over The Holiday Season

This holiday season, would you rather be trimming the tree with your children, or fighting with your ex about who will see the children and when? Arguments during the holidays are common and can destroy the holiday spirit for everyone. That may be one partner's plan all along. Think ahead from the time you initially separate to try to avoid unnecessary holiday-related stress and fights.

Exploring child custody in New York

Most states in the US, including New York, comply with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act. The UCCJA promotes legal cooperation between states regarding the custody arrangements for a child in the event of multi-state custody issues. What this means is that although custody is typically handled on a state-by-state basis when key members of the child's family relocate and bring matters to a different state's courts, a consistency can be applied honoring the former jurisdiction's original orders. 

When it comes to custody, what are my options?

When it comes to the custody of children, the two most common types you probably hear about are sole custody and joint custody. However, there are many forms of custody and it is wise to understand your options, whether you are attempting to peacefully co-parent or you are having the court create a custody order and you want to ensure you understand it once it is in place.

Which court gets to decide an international child custody battle?

Child custody fights can be anguishing, especially if they are drawn out over several years. They can also be complicated, as the parents battle over relatively technical -- but potentially very important -- matters like which state’s courts should handle the case.

No pet custody in New York divorces yet, but things might change

Perhaps it seems strange to those without pets, but many New York animal owners agree: a beloved dog or cat can feel like part of the family. When married parents get divorced, they must figure out a child custody arrangement that is in the children’s best interest, or have the judge do it. But what happens to the pets in a divorce?

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