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The breakup of a relationship is a difficult and emotional time. It requires making complex decisions to separate two people's lives. Individuals may feel overwhelmed trying to tackle the seemingly endless questions — How will money and property be divided? Where will my minor children live? Will I have the financial resources to support myself? Venzon Law Firm has answers.

Located in Buffalo, New York, Venzon Law Firm PC has been helping families throughout Western New York resolve their legal disputes for more than 30 years.

Helping Clients Navigate The Complexities Of Divorce And Legal Separation

Decisions made during a divorce or legal separation process have far-reaching consequences on family relationships, parent-child bonds and the financial health of both spouses.

Venzon Law Firm PC provides comprehensive legal representation to clients throughout the divorce or legal separation process. Our lawyers are by your side every step of the way beginning with the initial divorce filing through the negotiation process, litigation in front of both family court and supreme court, and the appeals process. We also help clients modify existing divorce agreements to better reflect the realities of their daily lives.

Our firm also has the expertise to provide representation for individuals who entered into a marriage based on fraud so they can annul their marriages and avoid the complexities of the property division process. International divorces also present unique challenges regarding jurisdiction and enforcement that our attorneys can confidently navigate. Our firm also helps clients resolve legal disputes that arise in same-sex relationships.

Venzon Law Firm PC will not mediate or settle cases unless it is in our clients' best interests. However, we never encourage litigation when a beneficial settlement agreement can be reached. We rely on our experience to craft comprehensive, smart legal strategies that protect our clients' interests, resolve their legal disputes, and help them move forward with their lives.

Niagara Falls Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

Clients often have questions about the different types of grounds for divorce allowed in New York State. Mainly contested versus uncontested divorce and no-fault divorce. A divorce is contested or uncontested depending on whether or not the two partners can agree on ending their marriage. In 2010 legislation was passed allowing no-fault divorce in New York, which has made the process for obtaining an uncontested divorce easier than ever.

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